Reading while recuperating

After having to delay a hernia operation due to ‘flu’, I have now been ‘sliced’ open, stitched up again and am now recuperating with several appropriate books lined up to read (and a website to build).

The first book, that I finished on my hospital bed, is Phoebe Smith’s “Extreme Sleeps: Adventures of a wild camper” which I hoped would give me some ideas for personal ‘sleeps’ as much as ones with clients.

Extreme sleeps book cover
“Extreme sleeps” book cover available from you local bookstore (click the image to go to Amazon store.)

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Potential ‘Slow’ adventures…

Yesterday I was privileged to spend the day exploring the Ardtornish Estate on foot, in a sea kayak and (dare I say it) in a 4×4 car with a view to putting together a few different ‘slow’ adventures.

These are not just for their guests but for anyone wanting to visit the Ardnamurchan Peninsulas, specifically Morvern, and experience what the Ardtornish Estate offers in terms of landscape, wildlife, and also food and culture.

Morvern landscape
The clouds and the photograph give little away in terms of location.

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The Inaugural Otter Adventure

When Loch Sunart is completely still, it makes it easy to spot the otter that regularly fishes near the jetty and, right on cue for the very first outing at ‘Otter Adventures’, he appeared as we were getting our waterproof jackets, buoyancy aids and paddles sorted.

We sat watching him fish and feed for a fair while before remembering that we too wanted to enjoy this beautiful day from on the water.

And so, the first adventure on Loch Sunart as ‘Otter Adventures’ began.

Strontian jetty and canoe
A 12 year old boy launching a canoe from a jetty in Strontian at low water.

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First the canoes & now a name!

If I had realised that it was Friday 13th, would I have chosen to decide the name of my company today?

Probably, because I’m not superstitious…

As you can tell from the website, the business is now officially known as ‘Otter Adventures’ and will have a logo and identity in due course (although if you are reading this you will already be seeing the website in the public domain).