Canoe on Loch Shiel during family adventure weekend

Bespoke adventures for non‑adventurers

Otter Adventures was created to bring opportunities for people, local and visitor, to explore the wonderful landscapes across Ardnamurchan and around Loch Sunart and escape to wild places.

With a lifetime of experience working outdoors, I realised that many of us don't know what ability level we are at, what we are capable of, or lack the confidence or equipment to head out under our own steam. This may be through lack of specific skills or understanding of outdoor environments although some of us want company or perhaps to understand the landscapes and history as much as anything else.

We don't take you kayaking*, we go with you on a journey of discovery in wild places.

* or canoeing, cycling, walking, etc.

We believe that outdoor adventures should be authentic and immersive and that the only way to do this is to get to know you as we plan an exclusive adventure with you. This way we can build it to suit you and ensure we have options to make the adventure a little easier or a bit more challenging during the adventure. While we do our best to avoid making them adrenaline-fuelled, we also ensure the level of challenge is enough to sharpen your sense and build a connection with nature.

We can build an adventure to suit you from one-day through to five-days. This can be on water, land or a mixture of both. We can bring cycling and wild swimming into the adventure making it truly unique, as our bespoke adventures are planned around you and your family or group.

Starting with two days / one night, our bespoke adventures are unique and really are tailored to you.

The easiest way to get your family on their first expedition is to book a 'Weekend Open Canoe Escape' which is £200 per adult and £130 per child. These are fully catered and guided throughout with all specialist equipment (except sleeping bags and mats for hygiene reasons) supplied. Each extra day costs £100 per adult and £60 per child.

If you prefer to use your own boats and equipment, bring your own food and do your own cooking, then we offer a 'guide only' service at £250 per day (minimum two consecutive days and up to four people) and equipment hire, if needed and available.

"The journey of a thousand steps begins with one step"

Lao Tzu

Your 'first step' in creating a unique adventure for you, your family or friends is to fill in the form below and explain a little about what you are looking for from your bespoke adventure.

Please include information such as whether you want equipment provided (such as tents and cooking stoves) and whether you want to cater for yourselves or have us provide all the food. Give us some indication as to your previous experience of the activity and of outdoor living more generally. Don't forget to tell us how many people are in your group (and ages if under 18 years). From this information Karl, the head guide, will get back to you with a tailored suggestion and outline price targeted at your ability level and aspirations.

Start that conversation today and build your adventure of "a thousand steps".

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