Reflections in a gentle river

Bespoke Family Adventures

Everyone’s idea of adventure is different; especially when it is a family adventure.

So a bespoke family adventure allows you to get exactly what you want from your trip.

No matter whether you want to travel by canoe, by bike or on foot, I will devise a unique adventure to suit you that is also heavily influenced by the local environments. This means you will finish the trip having seen the best of the region with a better understanding of the history and culture.

Bespoke family canoe adventure
Bespoke family adventures are tailored to the whole group so everyone feels they have achieved something together – this trip had three generations of the same family paddle to a deserted, golden sandy beach for a freshly cooked lunch. A memorable day for all…


Each adventure is therefore unique and I utilise my 30+ years of experience working outdoors with all ages of people from 4 to c.70 year olds to create them. From these years as as outdoor leader in all manner of contexts and roles, I am able to judge situations and people and make wise judgements about what they are comfortable and able to do.

No doubt having been a wedding photographer and a primary school teacher have also helped!

The end result is that your adventure will never be repeated in exactly the same way again. Like your family, it will be a unique experience.

Peace on a family adventure
Part of a family adventure is exploring what is around us and if that means standing in the water eating lunch, then that is what we do.

Have look around this website for inspiration and ideas – you may find something that is close to what you want or you may see a picture of a pace you want to visit. This could be the seed of an idea that germinates into an adventure…


Make contact with me via contact form and we can start a dialogue about what it is you are hoping to do or want to achieve.

Once we have come up with an outline idea that suits you, I will ask for a deposit payment. When this has been, you will be allocated a guide who will negotiate it directly with you and, baring special circumstances, will be the one leading your trip so will fully understand what you are hoping to achieve and how hard you are prepared to work.

As the business only employs me at present, it will almost certainly be me that will lead your adventure!

Views across Loch Sunart to Carna
With so many smaller mountains to choose from, there is always space to explore and discover stunning landscapes without seeing any other people.

This means that you won’t have to worry about your children holding back other adults who want to travel further or faster, or about stopping on beaches and exploring every little cove. These can all be part of your family adventure at your level. You can also leave all the technical aspects of the day to me, which means that you can relax and enjoy the day as much as your children will.

Teenager paddles off in sea kayak
If you have older children (11-16 years) they can probably paddle one of our smaller kayaks on their own and gain a true sense of independence.

Whatever mode of transport you go for, however far you want to travel, I will devise something to suit and do my utmost to ensure that you are comfortable, looked after and, hopefully, have a relaxing, but slightly challenging, day.

Child admires mountains during a bike ride
Adult bikes can be hired locally, but children will need to bring their own bikes and helmets. It is worth bringing them as you can all explore much further off the main routes by bike and learn more about the area as well as your family.

Contact me soon to begin planning your own unique family adventure for this year (or next)…

Happy family on an adventure