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'Top tips' for winter adventures
August 31st 2022
Kayaking in a winter sunset with Small Isles and cormorant for company

Winter does not mean that we stop our adventures and hibernate - so neither do you.

The quieter season brings new opportunities for you and additional safety factors for us to consider, but a crisp, clear winter day is as good as (if not better) than a long, hot summer's day for exploring on (and off) the water.

10 things you didn't know about... Strontian
June 25th 2021
Strontian and Strontium road sign and Loch Sunart

If you have been on one of our shorter adventures based around the head of Loch Sunart, then you may well already know some of these stories/facts about Strontian already. If you haven't yet joined us, then there is loads more still to discover about our small village nested amongst the hills of Morvern and Sunart.

The otters of Loch Sunart (pt 1)
May 27th 2021
Otter on seaweed alonsgide Loch Sunart

There should be no other species, animal or plant, to start our look into local flora and fauna than the otters of Loch Sunart. And no better day to start than on World Otter Day (27th May) which is also Otter Adventures’ birthday (2017)! That is pure coincidence. Honestly!

Sea kayaking around Morvern Peninsula (pt 3)
October 23rd 2020

Three days in, less than 30km to go, and the weather turning brighter, calmer and sunnier; completing the circumnavigation was becoming much more of a reality. After yesterday's exertions, we made a slow start to the day having already made a decision to miss the early high tide and the opportunity to paddle through the gap at Doirlinn, Oronsay.

Sea kayaking around Morvern Peninsula (pt 2)
October 18th 2020

Waking on Day 2 I found a very enthusiastic Stuart blathering about a 'big bird'! As the first to rise, he was greeted by a white-tailed eagle sat on the boulder no more than four or five meters from his tent!

Kayaking around the Morvern peninsula (pt 1)
October 11th 2020
Photographing landscapes from a kayak with Morvern in the background

Since moving to Strontian in 2016 and pouring over maps, books, internet articles and talking to local people, one of the expeditions that has been high on my 'to do' list has been to circumnavigate the Morvern Peninsula and finish right outside our bed and breakfast.

Sea kayaking around Ardnamurchan Point
22nd January 2020
Kayaking towards Ardnamurchan Point as the sun begins to set

Sea kayaking around Ardnamurchan Point is, occasionally, a calm affair and a trip to be savoured. Mostly it is a rough, wild place exposed to the ravages of the North Atlantic storms. Picking the right day to kayak around ‘The Point’ is crucial.

Understanding what the weather can do to the tides
14th January 2020
Windy weather map

A little understanding of what the weather can do to the tides does help explain what occurred last night. It was not simply a case of a ‘very high tide’ – the weather conditions played a significant part in causing the flooding.

Two firsts for Otter Adventures...
26th June 2019
Open canoe on Ardnastang beach in the dark with a fire in the foreground

This month saw two firsts for Otter Adventures – but not ones that I am proud of or will be celebrating. Last weekend was the first time guests that had been booked in for quite a while did not turn up. This was then followed by my having to postpone/cancel trips due to personal illness.

Back to the hills
26th September 2019
Hill walker admiring the view from Stob Coiree a Chearcaill

Stob Coire a’Chearcaill is an easily accessible mountain giving a real sense of scale to this remote part of the Scottish Highlands and putting it among many bigger mountains, such as Ben Nevis. The Munro’s around 'The Ben' are clearly visible as are the very overlooked Corbett’s of Ardgour and Sunart.

It all started with one simple question
15th June 2019
Heeling an open canoe on the Great Glen canoe trail

One simple question was all it took to start an afternoon of exploring paddling techniques. The question was intended to challenge and stretch my understanding of ‘correct’ paddle technique. Which it did.

Glorious conditions for a bespoke kayak journey
11th January 2019
Kayaker on Loch Sunart in calm winter conditions

If there was a great way to finish the season, then paddling in perfect winter conditions would be up there. Paddling with guests who have become friends (and paddlers) made it even more special and memorable.

Sea kayak sailing at the Cumbrae symposium
2nd October 2018
Setting up a kayak for sailing at Cumbrae

Some text

Last weekend I headed off to a sea kayak symposium for a chance to try sea kayak sailing and having one less than three hours drive from home was too good to miss… As well as being a small island west of Glasgow, Cumbrae is also the home to the Sport Scotland National Watersports Centre.

About Otter Adventures
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We launched in May 2015 to provide slow adventures for non-adventurers and to help people see the landscapes around us from new perspectives, to connect with nature and to enjoy being outdoors and physically active. We also felt it was important that we operate in a way that supports our local community and is sustainable tourism.

If you would like to read more about us and our philosophy, you can read more on our 'About' page or read our ethical and environmental statement.

About me
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The outdoors is my passion and always has been.

Helping other people discover why, especially reluctant or novice adventurers, has underlined what I see as my role in the outdoors and why I created Otter Adventures in 2017.

With over 35 years experience working in the industry in a wide range of roles, I seek to understand the landscapes and wildlife as much as I do the activities themselves and to pass this on to you during your adventure.

I hope you enjoy these blog posts and that we meet on an adventure in the future. Please do let me know if there is anything you would like to see me write about and I'll see what I can do.


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