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A low pressure system sits to the NW of the UK

Understanding what weather can do to the tides

A little understanding of what the weather can do to the tides does help explain what occurred last night. It was not simply a case of a 'very high tide' - the weather conditions played a significant part in causing the flooding. Storm Brendam being the principal culprit this time... For those that know the area, the show field in Strontian and the Kilcamb fields were both under a little…

Edging an open canoe on flat water

One Simple Question?

One simple question was all it took to start an afternoon of exploring paddling techniques. The question was intended to challenge and stretch my understanding of 'correct' paddle technique. Which it did. And I'm still working out the answer. What was I doing? What was the question? The actual question I'll get to later, but this was the first day of a new phase of professional development for me. It…

Kayaker on Alpine river


For almost 40 years I have been involved in outdoor adventure in some form and have been teaching canoeing and kayaking to a wide range of people for over 33 of these! I have also worked in a wide range of outdoor centres across the country, led advanced trips into Europe and further afield with all ages of people and for many different purposes. I have been very fortunate to canoe,…