About Otter Adventures

Otter Adventures is a small family company committed to the introducing people to the outdoors and to helping people develop outdoor skills and understanding of the mode of transport as wells the places visited. I provide trips for adults as well as family specific trips – that way the tours can be more readily tailored to the people on them.

It is currently a one-man business geared towards bespoke and exclusive bookings as opposed to a commercialised ‘seat-filling’ organisation. With the exception of trips with advertised dates, your booking will be exclusive (subject to minimum numbers) which means it will be at your pace.

You will also negotiate the trip with the guide that will be leading it. While that is currently just me, this will remain true even as Otter Adventures expands over the coming years.

Background and history

After launching on May 27th, 2017 enquiries quickly became bookings and I was guiding families and groups of friends all around Sunart and Morvern in canoes and kayaks and on mountain bikes.

Jumping back over 35 years and I had been learning a great deal about the outdoors through the Scout Movement and rapidly progressed into teaching in the outdoors and giving something back to a new generation of Scouts. Skip ahead through these 35 years, a teaching degree in Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies, leading several overseas expeditions and acquiring numerous outdoor coaching qualifications, and it was about time that I worked for myself doing it the way I believed it should be done.

Out of this, and a family move from Herefordshire to Scotland, Otter Adventures was established and, in the first season, became an established name in the region.

Our Responsibilities

What we will do for you

If you have got this far through the website then you are either bored or thorough. Well done either way…

Once you have chosen a potential trip for you, please do read all the information available (including the itinerary and FAQs) as I have taken great care to ensure that most questions have been addressed somewhere.


All trips are described on the relevant page. While the introduction may be a little flowery, the stories are all based upon real events on real trips and from my own experiences in Strontian.

The next section is concerned more with practicalities and logistics and hopefully helps you get a feel for what is likely to happen during your trip and what you will need.

You’ll also find a link to a photo gallery with pictures from real trips along with links to an itinerary and frequently asked questions (FAQs) where you will get a better feel for the day and what is required from you.

If your trip has dates next to them, then you can pay book and pay online. If there are no dates, this is because it will be an exclusive booking for your family or group (subject to minimum numbers) and you will negotiate the details with the guide who will lead your trip (me, at present).


Whether you pay on line or over the phone, Otter Adventures can accept credit and debit card payments processed through World Pay, the largest card payment company in the UK. Your card details are never written down or stored in any format by Otter Adventures.

If you prefer, you can request a Paypal invoice to be sent to you and you can pay through their processing system.

As a small business, precessing fees are a significant part of our outgoings, so our preferred method is bank transfer (BACS) as there are no fees incurred on this.

Pre-course info


Meet and greet


During session


Post session / follow up

Health & Safety

The boring bits…

All of the activities we offer and locations we visit have been risk assessed and we also have operating procedures in place for these.

Working outdoors for over thirty years, I have come to realise that leading and coaching in a hyper-dynamic environment requires more than a risk assessment on paper – it requires experience, maturity and common sense (and not just qualifications).

During your time with us, we will be constantly undertaking dynamic risk assessments in our heads that take into account the group, the weather, the environment, the equipment, and many other factors. This draws upon our previous experiences and allows us to make appropriate decisions on the spot rather than sticking to a written assessment and means that we sometimes change the plan part way through a trip.

If we do change it (and you notice), please remember that the decisions your guide makes during the activity are firstly for your safety and then for you enjoyment and learning. It is very important to you and to us that we bring you back safely. Then we worry about whether you enjoyed it and learned something. If you have any questions about why the guide may have changed the plan, please do speak to them.