Passage | Time | Nature | Comfort

These four elements help define 'slow adventures'.

They must involve human powered journeys in the outdoors and through this develops a feeling of immersion in and connection with the wildness and culture of the West Highland Peninsulas.

Exceptional food is a significant part of the adventure. Preparing and sharing amazing meals created from local and sustainable sources, such as award winning restaurants, local estates or independent growers, is part of the seasonal experience of these adventures.

Good food adds to the psychological comfort, as does the steady pace these adventures operate at. Moderate distances and flexible routes allow adventurers to journey as equals and relish the experience.

Travelling with likeminded people creates a feeling of belonging that is so important to our feelings of comfort. Time spent talking with such people often brings surprising rewards and connections.

The final element requires an authentic and immersive slow adventure to be delivered with other members of the Slow Adventure Cooperative that are committed to the ethos.

We are negotiating a number of unique slow adventure tours on foot, bike, canoe and kayak (or combinations of these) that redefine the term 'adventure' in a 'slower' style for a new generation of 'explorers' and hope to bring exciting opportunities for adults and families in 2018.

Keep your eye on this page for more details of each tour as they are released. Or contact us if you already have an idea you need help with.

It is certainly an exciting time to be redefining 'adventure'...

All our Slow Adventures

Family canoe adventure on Loch Moidart

    Open Canoe Adventure Weekends

    2 days

    Spend time with your family (or friends) exploring Loch Sunart, Loch Moidart or one of many lochs and beaches in a unique open canoe adventure. Feel closer to nature in the shadow of rocky peaks and shorelines as you discover…

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