A wild camp could be spent in a tent up a hill. It could also be spent in a bothy with gourmet food, under a trap in a hammock or even in a bivy bag on the summit of your favourite hill!

Sipping a mug of steaming hot chocolate with nothing to do but watch the sky changing colours as the sun sets. Being woken up by a chorus of bird song at first light, the sun streaming though the trees. Peering through your tent door as a deer stag searches for food just meters away.

Wherever and however you choose to wild camp, it is the sense of immersion in nature that defines them. These feelings stay with you long after the smell of woodsmoke has been washed from your hair and clothes.

We are planning to increase our availability of such microadventures in 2018, so please keep an eye on this page to see where we are planning on going.

Trips involving a wild camp

Family canoe adventure on Loch Moidart

    Open Canoe Adventure Weekends

    2 days

    Spend time with your family (or friends) exploring Loch Sunart, Loch Moidart or one of many lochs and beaches in a unique open canoe adventure. Feel closer to nature in the shadow of rocky peaks and shorelines as you discover…

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