Sea kayak taster

Sea Kayak Taster

from £55

As your guide gently pushes your kayak off the beach and onto the water for the first time, you instantly feel a connection with the water and the wind.

Recalling the advice you have just been given, you remember to sit up straight and to relax.

Within minutes, the stability of the kayaks reassuring you, you start to realise just how effortlessly these long boats, cumbersome on land, glide through the water.

Now you relax and start to enjoy the scenery and the experience. A new pastime has perhaps been discovered…

  • Activity Level Leisurely
  • Group Size Large Group
All about the Sea Kayak Taster.

Guided sea kayak journeys are currently limited to just two adults at a time so as to keep the experience personal or to allow complete beginners to explore Ardnamurchan from the water. They are also ideal for couples who wish to have one guide to themselves for the duration.

Sea Kayak Journeys are normally a half day (9.30 am to 12.30 pm or 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm) and usually only suitable for children aged 12 years or above (younger children may be accepted if they have expereince of kayaking).

If you would like to extend it to a day journey (10.00 am to 5.00 pm) with locally sourced gourmet lunch provided, possibly cooked over a wood stove, then please get in touch and ask about the options available.

Throughout your journey you will be accompanied by a fully qualified and experienced local guide who is there to ensure you get the most from your trip. They will offer advice on efficient paddling, look after your safety throughout the trip and highlight any wildlife that appears or can be found as well as any relevant local cultural or historical sights.

We certainly intend you to stay in your kayak and dry, but occasionally people do capsize kayaks and fall in and it does (occasionally) rain, so please dress appropriately. Changing facilities are very limited at present, so please come ‘dressed’ for the day and do your best to keep the kayak upright!

You may be asked to help move and lift kayaks during the day, so please let your guide know if this is going to be difficult for you or if you have any medical concerns that may affect your participation in the day.

Above all, enjoy your adventure and keep your fingers crossed for an otter to make an appearance!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this activity?Items that are included in the cost of the activity

Included in a sea kayak half day trip are the following:

  • All specialist kayaking equipment
  • Buoyancy aid

* Please feel free to use your own paddlesport equipment as long as it confirms to current UK safety standards and best practices.

What's not included in this activity.Items not included in the activity price

The following items are a non-exhaustive list of what is not included in these tours:

  • Personal clothing to wear under our waterproofs (please avoid jeans and cotton clothes – modern outdoor clothing will be an excellent choice)
  • Extra jumper or jacket as it will be colder on the water
  • Footwear (choose suitable shoes for wet rock and seaweed and remember these will get wet)
  • Sunhat or beanie (depending upon conditions)
  • Sunglasses & retainer cord or band (if you wear glasses normally, please ensure they are secured by a retainer of some form)
  • Drinks and snacks to keep you going on the water
  • Spare clothes and towel (just in case!)
  • Personal accident and possessions insurance
  1. Sea Kayak Adventures Arrangements

    Meet at Otter Adventures base in Strontian at 9.30 am or 2.00 pm as per your booking. If we have arranged anything different, such as full day adventure with gourmet food, we will have communicated it well in advance.

    Don’t worry about being early as your guide will be busy checking weather and tide forecasts and planning a  suitable adventure for you.

    Please do arrive wearing suitable clothing for the day as changing facilities are very limited at present. We will give you paddlesport specific waterproofs to wear as well as a buoyancy aid.

    We may ask for help loading and unloading equipment – especially the canoes – so, please let your guide know if that is going to be difficult for you.

    Once everyone is ready, we will head off to the location for the day. Ideally this will be on Loch Sunart – right outside our front door, but the wind and tide may mean that we have to go elsewhere. Don’t worry; we have ample water to choose from within 15 minutes drive.

    Our aim is to be back at Otter Adventures with all equipment returned by 12.30 pm or 5.00 pm. If the weather is amazing and the seals performing, we may be a little late – please let your guide know before the trip starts if you have to be away promptly for any reason.